April 20, 2018

Technology is an ever changing part of modern life and the way we connect is no exception. With Nett-Tell LLC, Voice Over Internet Protocol is a way to modernize communication. VOIP mimics making telephone call the way it has always been done but instead of using a telephone line, it utilizes internet connections to make the call. Nett-Tell LLC is a leading VOIP company that makes it easy to setup and get started. They even allow you to select an area code that mimics your desired location. Move with the changes in technology by signing up with Nett-Tell LLC today.

September 25, 2017

The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of Net-Tell LLC home telephone customers save a lot of money every month compared to the offerings of the local phone company. Start with the fact that their calling plans all offer unlimited domestic calls and no long distance rates, which means they know how much they’ll pay every month, with no surprises. If they have to make international calls, they also get low rates on those.

Best of all, Net-Tell LLC offers many free features that local phone companies often don’t have available. And when they do make them available, they often charge a monthly fee for the privilege. Among the most popular free services they offer are Caller ID service for all incoming calls and Caller ID blocking, so that the people you call don’t see your number unless you want them to. They also allow for the ability to block anonymous calls. All Net-Tell LLC customers get an enhanced voicemail service, as well as three-way calling and other features that will make this your home phone experience the best ever without taking you broke every month.